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Supernatural Haunted Attraction has joined forces with the Villa Rica Pine Mountain Gold Museum in Villa Rica, Georgia.  Come ride the Ghost Train and hear the morbid tale of the witches that held their coven meetings during the gold mining era, putting spells on all who dared to pass.  People say the mine shafts are haunted by witches and ghosts to this day.  Come find out for yourself. This October the GHOST TRAIN comes and it comes for you!

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Every Haunted Place has its story.

This is the tale of Maynard and Margaret Shaw.  Maynard rose to local fame and fortune seemingly overnight. He courted and married the most beautiful woman around, Margaret Shaw-initially against her will. All of this rumored to be from his experimentation with black magic.

Maynard Shaw had his hand in every business here in town, including the Gold mines. After the great tragedy of the mine collapsing it was rumored that Mr. Shaw was behind it. Some say he used black magic to get whatever he wanted at any expense, including the lives of others.

Maynard and Margaret had one daughter, Elizabeth. This sweet child used to roam the hills seeking adventure whenever she could. Due to Maynard's connections with Black Magic and Elizabeth's love for the solitude of the woods and nature, the townfolk began with whispers of witchcraft. While Elizabeth identified herself as a white witch initially, her heart grew darker with each rumor and innuendo, until she was not only a black witch, but the most powerful High Priestess of her coven. As her powers grew and her heart blackened, the town folk grew more leery aand fearful. As happens, one night at the local tavern, the town began to rile each other with their talk and accusations. They banded together in a drunken rage, chased Elizabeth up the mountain, tied her to one of the oak trees, and burned her at the stake, along with other witches who came to her aide. With her last breath on earth, Elizabeth cursed the town, the mountain, all its people, and the generations to come.

Since that time there have been numerous paranormal experiences witnessed by many. Come hear the mysterious tale of the old Gold mines and you may actually touch the otherside and experience a REAL supernatural encounter with one of the many ghosts that still reside here.