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Supernatural Haunted Attraction has torn down its walls and relocated to Temple, Georgia.

As fate would have it we are joining forces with an actual living descendant of the Shaw Family in conjunction with Temple Police Department raising money for the Shop with a Cop program that raises money for underprivileged children at Christmas time.

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Every Haunted House has its story.

This is the tale of Maynard and Margaret Shaw, the original owners of the home. Maynard rose to local fame and fortune seemingly overnight. He courted and married the most beautiful woman in town, Margaret Shaw-initially against her will. All of this rumored to be from his experimentation with black magic... as the legend goes.

The eccentric shaws lived in the house until the 1940s. After a series of horrific family tragedies and unexplained murders, including the death of his beloved wife Margaret, Maynard Shaw mysteriously disappeared. He fled with his surviving children in the dark of night never to be heard or seen again.

The house sat empty for almost a decade being known as the infamous "Death House". From the 1950s until its destruction in 2001 the home was owned by different families. Throughout the decades the residents were befallen with many dark happenings well documented in local and national media.

Since that time there have been numerous paranormal experiences witnessed by many. Come hear the morbid story of the Shaws and you may actually touch the otherside and experience a REAL supernatural encounter with one of the homes many ghosts that still reside here.